Hey, I am Roger Corbett. I started The Valley Studio in 1998 in the front room of my house to help emerging artists into the music scene. I wanted to create opportunities for them to play, be heard, be seen and build a music career. 

More than 150 albums later, multiple awards and a reputation for producing high quality music, I still have the same passion for creating opportunities for music artists.  These days, I am still the music producer  The Valley Studio, a songwriter and songwriting coach, the Director of the CMAA, The Academy and a board member of the CMAA – Country Music Association of Australia.

I’ve had a lifetime of experience in the music industry, from playing one-out solo gigs in dingy pubs to playing guitar and bass with my award winning band The Bushwackers on national and international stages playing for thousands of fans. 

I’m here to help you create your music, to tap into your creativity and make something that is great. I understand the realities of recording in this ever-changing space. I work with your budget and to your expectations. In addition to my skills I have access to world class musicians who add the level of professional musicianship you would expect in the contemporary music scene.

At The Valley Studio we ‘punch well above our weight’ meaning our gear, equipment and the results we achieve for a small bespoke studio really counts. 

Are you ready to have your music be heard beyond what you imagine it could be? Are you ready to challenge yourself to create new music and work towards your career goals? 

Join the many artists who have recorded at The Valley Studio, achieved awards, commercial success and a music career.

I’d love to meet you and talk about your music and your ambitions.